The Hashtag Event Happening in Emergency Management.

March 26, 2014 in Christiansburg, VA Tanya Ferraro, Roanoke Valley Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator, explains how hashtags are important when using social media during an emergency and to help prepare you for the increasing potential of a disastrous event on a local or national level. 

Fun with Emergency Management

Ferraro and one fellow employee at the Roanoke Valley Reserve Medical Corps made a parody video to the song Royals by artist Lorde to help get their emergency management message across. Ferraro believes the message of emergency preparedness is better received when fun and creative ways are used.

One thought on “The Hashtag Event Happening in Emergency Management.

  1. Great info! Thanks.
    I hear Tanya is teaching a Twitter 101 class soon, in Southwest VA.
    I can’t wait. I’m still learning. #HowDoYouTwitter? :)

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